Turn Aging into profitable digital products

Learn. Build. Inspire.

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Grow your
digital business

Age Without Borders teaches you how to leverage aging to create all kinds of digital products: online courses, webinars, e-gatherings, e-workshops, and more!


Our goal is to help you learn more about aging, build your product, and inspire others.


What is
leveraging aging?

To us, it simply means to create something innovative in the context of aging.

It doesn't mean fitting into a specific generation.
It doesn't mean being over 50.
It doesn't even mean being "older."

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Why are we
obsessed with aging?

We believe aging is the biggest industry you can tap into right now.
Aging is a personal yet universal experience, full of emotion and complexity.

It isn't up to the media, cultural norms, or any industry to dictate when someone starts to embrace aging. We help you connect the dots in your personal and professional pursuits.


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Why is CBS News Talking About Age Without Borders?

Founder Kari Henley sat down with CBS News Denver to discuss the "aging freakout" she experienced at 49 that led to creating Age Without Borders.

We're so excited to have people spreading the word about the importance of embracing every single year we've been given.

We hope you'll join us in taking advantage of using aging as a platform to learn, build, and inspire.

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