About Us


Age Without Borders creates digital products in the aging industry from courses to Master Classes. We facilitate various types of online video sessions on our preferred online meeting platform, Zoom.

Our video sessions serve as an enriching opportunity to engage with others in the aging industry, both peers and leading experts. We are always experimenting with new styles and agendas, meaning you can expect a fresh experience each time.

We also help you create your own aging-focused digital products. Using our method, you can build an online business with products you don’t have to manufacture, package, or ship!


Our Team

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Kari Henley
co-Founder & CEO

Kari is a visionary social entrepreneur and creative strategist bridging the digital and longevity revolutions. For over 25 years, Kari has been a driven social entrepreneur with decades of experience in startups, creative strategy, instructional design for live or virtual events, e-learning, virtual summits, professional hosting, facilitating and training, train the trainer, and private consulting to bring out the best in thought leaders.

Kari is curious about everything, and is committed to lifelong learning. She has a Master’s degree in psychology, Master’s coursework in organizational leadership, and is dedicated to the new frontiers of redefining aging, and building global communities. Her energy and ability to quickly create community drives her to engage clients across silos and industry sectors with profound results.

Kari served as a weekly contributor to the Huffington Post from 2006-2014, and several pieces were republished in professional periodicals. She has appeared on local TV, Dateline NBC, PBS "This Emotional Life," and was featured in an Amazon #1 bestselling anthology. Kari is on the Board of Directors of the IFA (International Federation on Aging).

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co-founder & COO

Judy is a global aging industry consultant, creative strategist, speaker, advocate, and connector. Her passion is working to end ageism, breakdown aging industry silos, and connecting global thought leaders and disruptors using cutting edge, user-friendly technology. Uniting the generations through connection, collaboration, and relationship building resulting in the elimination of barriers, heightened curiosity, and high-level engagement is an important component of Judy’s work.

Judy is a lifelong learner and listener. Her skills and guidance when working with professionals in the aging space have been of great benefit to individual business owners, business stakeholders, organizations, and the clients they serve. As we all age we accumulate knowledge through our years of experience. Knowledge and wisdom are treasures to be shared.

Judy has over 5 years of experience with certification, education, and continuing education targeted at multidisciplinary professionals who serve older adults, caregivers, and their families. She developed over 50 hours of continuing education programs to satisfy the requirements for a dually accredited certification.

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Lynda Smith

For the past 11 years Lynda has involved herself in understanding the convergence of longevity and technology for the over 50 market both locally and globally. She leads two organization in this space. Refirement Network and 50Plus-Skills. 

Her works has her speaking at industry events, in business and to individuals. She is a writer and is often asked to speak to the media on these trends. Lynda served on the World Congress for Healthy Aging Scientific Committee in 2015.

She is the South African liaison for The Pass it on Network. She co-leads a global dialogue group on economic security for the 50+ generation. She presented on the first global virtual summit on aging with Age without Borders in 2017. She is currently a jury member for the International Silver Eco Awards – Japan July 2019