Age Without Borders Virtual "World Tour"​ in South Africa March 28th

What is a World Tour? No, it is not a rock band. The Age Without Borders World Tour is a virtual video conference style gathering to learn about global innovations in longevity, without having to leave the comfort of your home.

We have been hosted these unique gatherings in France, Canada, Silicon Valley; and now is heading to South Africa on March 28th. It's cool, educational, inspirational and it's free.

One of my obsessions in life has been bringing groups together in an engaging way. I cut my teeth in my mid-twenties learning NLP and then both designing and leading experiential corporate training programs. I love creating intimacy and connection with groups, and now we can do it online.

While it is amazing to go to a global conference to meet and hug cool people, it is just not always feasible both in time, expense and travel. We have been using the Zoom video conferencing platform to transform the paradigm of boring webinars on a dime. Instead, we create a virtual "soiree" kind of vibe. A place people laugh, share cocktail toasts, introduce their cats on screen, and instantly feel at ease.

We design these calls to give YOU a chance to fully participate. People get online with their phone, iPad or computer, and see this big, gorgeous group of faces in a "Hollywood Squares" visual of up to 25 per screen. It changes everything to literally SEE everyone, meet each other, have small group break out networking sessions. Suddenly, you matter in the equation. It is also a rare opportunity to engage directly with keynote speaker level global leaders.

And, it totally works. People rave about what they learn, the colleagues they meet and - how much fun they had. In fact, when these folks finally DO meet in person for the first time, the hugs and laughter is always shocking with the realization, "hey, we have never 'met' in person before!"

We have a blast sharing this customized technique with our clients and with all of you. We serve as delighted hosts- welcoming everyone and engaging all of us together as if we were sitting around a big dinner table. It is intimate, fun and energizing.

The World Tour is a chance to bring together experts you would likely see as plenary speakers at a global conference, but instead you get to meet them in their homes- this time from Johannesberg and Capetown, South Africa. You get to hear their passions and reflections, and engage with them directly in a way you never would sitting in a massive hotel ballroom.

These world tours offer a chance to learn about a country or area you may know very little about. It is a chance to hear more about their demographics, population, economic picture and unique relationship to how their society is managing older adults remaining healthier, more active, working, and generating new innovations. South Africa is a fascinating country. They have a very unique population and demographic mix that is creating massive surges of spur of the moment innovations.

And, it's free. It is our gift to the industry, to the community, and to YOU. We believe the world is a gorgeous, beautiful place and ultimately tiny little place. Meeting new friends who live around the world is thrilling, and you will be absolutely inspired to learn about what is happening outside of your neighborhood.

Join us next Thursday, March 28th at 10am MST!  Lynda Smith is hosting the South African experts and sharing her amazing expertise in work and her Refirement NetworkMargie Van Zyl Chapman shares her global leadership work in caregiving and Peter DuToit of FutureWork IQ who will blow your mind about what is next in the world of the internet. Thank you to  Gabriel Monteiro for conceiving of the idea and continuing amazing work.

Judy Rough and I serve as hosts. click on the link to learn more and join the global world tour soiree. Building a global family makes you feel like a rock star.

kari henley