March 28, 2019 - 12pm EST
World Tour stop: south africa

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The World Tour is a live, online video gathering exclusive to Age Without Borders. We call each session a Stop to convey the feeling of a real travel experience! Every Stop features a different city and country, based on the location of our expert(s) for that particular session. Topics include technology, health, culture, business, and beyond. The subject matter is truly unlimited, but it will always be in the context of aging.

featured experts

Lynda Smith, is a social entrepreneur and retirement life coach in Johannesburg, South Africa and her work focuses on how longevity and technology are impacting the fifty plus generation especially from a work perspective, including the innovative 50+ Skills Bank

Peter Du Toit heads up a boutique South African consultancy called FutureWork IQ which specializes in helping businesses build digital workplaces as well as teach the virtual work skills required to work in these modern work environments.

Margie van Zyl Chapman of Cape Town, South Africa, is the founder of the South African Care Forum, Take The Lead, and a board member of CommonAge, an international association to best practice in care for the ageing throughout the 52 member countries of the British Commonwealth.

Gather with our experts, network with colleagues in small group discussions. This is not a webinar but a very interactive one-hour virtual video conference.