Learn, Love & Leverage Aging:
An Extended Education Course

Learn, Love & Leverage Aging is a 6-module course that will open your mind to our aging society: how it impacts you personally and professionally, and how you can wield this knowledge like a pro!

Age Without Borders exclusively interviewed all speakers for their video sessions, so you won’t find this content anywhere else. You can view a list of topics by module below, buy the full course, or choose individual modules to purchase separately.


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What does the course cover?

Module 1 - Conversations that Matter
Details how to have important (and sometimes difficult) conversations with aging loved ones about changing lifestyles and habits.

Module 2 - Training & Support in Caregiving
Outlines the importance of professional training for caregiving roles, and the necessity of support for the carer and care-ee.

Module 3 - Relationship-Based Care
Promotes a warm, friendly approach to caregiving, especially when assisting those with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Module 4 - Money, Housing, Jobs, and Age-Friendly Cities
Delivers important perspectives on the self-support tasks that can become more difficult as care needs increase, and how innovations are alleviating the issue.

Module 5 - Building Advocacy & Support for Yourself and Others Highlights the importance of embracing the caregiving role, making your voice heard, and maintaining balance.

Module 6 - The Heart and Soul of Caring
Showcases real world experiences of caregivers and care-ees filled with pain, triumph, beauty, and acceptance.


What components does the course include?

You will be presented with 4-6 videos within each module; they feature our curated experts in the aging industry from around the world. Gain a global perspective on various topics personally and professionally!

Modules also contain quizzes to gauge your knowledge of the material. Some speaker sessions also include resources from the speakers to learn more about the content mentioned in their videos.